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A 380 years old house, which sheltered the famous king Louis XIV during his wedding in Saint-Jean-de-Luz with the Infanta of Spain.

This 17th century residence was built by a rich Luzian shipowner, Joannis de Lohobiague, in 1643.

Since its construction, this sumptuous private residence, still inhabited by the same family, can be visited to contemplate architecture, paintings, furniture and crockery of more than 350 years.

Before 1640, many fights took place between the French and the Spanish, especially between Bidasoa and Fontarabia on the one hand and Bayonne on the other. Saint-Jean-de-Luz was even occupied several times by troops of the King of Spain, which meant that it was repeatedly pillaged, burned and then rebuilt.

In compensation for these sufferings, the kings of France generously granted the city many compensations, St-Jean-de-Luz will be a rich city.

From 1640, the wind changes and the inhabitants of Luzon start to build with stones.

The city of corsairs and fishermen:

The Basques were great navigators. They had learned the art of whaling from the Vikings as early as the 8th century. The sailors were used to facing the sea and its many
dangers for fishing near and far.

Some whalers found themselves short of food, fish and water and flirted with piracy.

As it became impossible to prohibit these practices, which quickly took on an extraordinary scale, these sailors were transformed into privateers by imposing on them a strict charter with exacting rules, even though they were not part of the Royal Navy.

In this way, the king and his treasure were winners, the catch was shared.

In 1660, the history of the Basque city changed and became closely linked to the history of France.

It was the year of the denouement of 20 years of negotiation of the Treaty of the Pyrenees, of which the marriage of the Sun King was the concretization.

King Louis XIV will marry Maria Theresa the Infanta of Spain. The young sovereign will have occupied this residence for more than a month with all his court.

From June 6, 1960 until the day of the wedding, June 9, 1960, the Infanta will occupy the house Joanoenea named since “House of the Infanta” to a hundred meters of that of the king.

It was only after their wedding that the couple returned to the said Maison Louis XIV.

Legend has it that silver coins minted for the occasion were thrown from the balcony of this house.

On June 15, 1960, the young king and his court returned to Paris, and calm was restored to the Basque city.

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