Hendaye – on the border with the Spanish Basque Country

A seaside town 7km from the Suhiberry campsite.

A stone’s throw from Spain and ¼ hour from our Basque-coast campsite, the seaside resort of Hendaye is famous for its water sports centre and long beach of fine sand that stretches along the Basque coast. It is the perfect beach to learn to surf because it is one of the safest in the region.
It is also perfect for a walk along the shoreline, which we particularly recommend doing in the early morning or in the evening. At dawn or in the evening ,when the colours in the sky are particularly beautiful, there are unique views of the Deux Jumeaux rocks and the Jaizkibel mountains.
During the day you can also devote yourself to all sorts of thrilling water sports including diving, jet-skiing, surfing and sea kayaking, or more sedate activities such as a trip in a sailing boat or a cruise along the coast.