Hendaye – on the border with the Spanish Basque Country

A seaside town 7km from the Suhiberry campsite.

A few steps from Spain, 1/4 of the camping Basque coast, Hendaye is a seaside resort known for its nautical base and long sandy beach on Basque coastline. It is the ideal beach for surfing as it is one of the safest in the region.
We advise you to go for walks in the water early morning or evening because the beach lends itself very well. At dawn or in the evening when the colors of the sky are particularly beautiful, the panorama on the rocks of the Twin Twins and on the mountain of Jaizkibel is unique!

During the day, you can also indulge in all the nautical activities with sensations: diving, jet-ski, surfing or sea kayaking … as with the activities of pleasure: ballades in sailboat, cruises coastal …

Hendaye is also a beautiful pedestrian and pedestrian paseo along the pier, which starts from Abadia Castle on the ledge, very nice area to visit from inside and outside, and along the beach in passing through the marina, Txingudi bay, overlooked by the Jaizkibel mountain. A large playground with slides is a delight for all children up to 12 years old. Next door is a skate park and a mogul mountain bike trail for teenagers and adults alike.
If you are hikers, this long pedestrian and bike ride of about ten kilometers can take you to the Spanish Basque cities. Sports and cultural activities are free for families every day.
Finally, the city is turned towards the Basque Country: Donostia-San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture in 2016, is only 20 minutes drive; Bilbo and the Guggenheim Museum at 1:15; as well as many typical villages, on the road to Pamplona / Iruña, very nice to visit as Bera, Elizondo …

Do not miss the good map from the marina of Hendaye: take the sea shuttle which in 5 minutes crossing takes you on the paseo of Hondarribia / Hondarribia. The change of scenery is guaranteed! Indeed, the houses with colorful facades typical of Basque fishermen and the streets animated by the local population that is found outside, will embark on a festive atmosphere!
We will be happy to guide you on visits to the Spanish Basque side because we go there ourselves very often. Hendaye is an essential city to visit during your holidays on the Basque coast.