Camping Urrugne

Urrugne, or Urruña in Basque, a favourite stop off for lovers of unique landscapes and those who like to get away from it all.

Urrugne is a typical basque village covering nearly 5000 hectares which has ample opportunities for hikes and strolls. So, grab your walking shoes and set off on foot from the SUHIBERRY campsite !
You could take the footpath overlooking the ocean that runs along Urrugne’s basque coastline. Heading south from Socoa lighthouse, the views of the Pyrenees combined with the waves crashing on the tall, wild cliffs, is a sight for sore eyes that should not be missed.For those who like mountain hiking, there are many departure points close to the campsite, particularly the route to La Rhune via the Olhette – at an altitude of 905m, it is the legendary summit of the Pays Basque.